Posters & Poster Boards

Our full color window posters come in sizes 13×19 inches, 12×18 inches, or 11×17 inches and the posters are printed on a nice thick 100lb gloss card stock. Prices range from 48 cents each for 1,000 to $1.40 each for counts of 50 or less.

•All posters print in full color at no extra cost
•No set-up cost
•Print runs of any count, starting as low as 1 poster up to 20,000 or more
•Three standard sizes available: 11″x17″, 12″x18″, or 13″x19″ (all three sizes are the same low price)
•Prices range from $1.40 each for runs of 50 or less to 44 cents each for a run of 1,000 or more. For larger quantities call for pricing.

Poster Boards
Printed in full color mounted on a foam board- most common size is 2×2 feet or 2×3 feet.

printed poster
political poster